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When your company or organization needs to get a message out to audiences, you can turn to Cooksey Connects. Working with me and my associates, your company's message will be delivered loud and clear. Whether your need is on brand building, top-of-mind marketing campaigns, meeting facilitation, and serving as an event emcee for your awards ceremony or fund-raiser event, experience is key.

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Published Works

First published in 2007, Powerful People Overcome Powerful Failures joined the growing list of books available in the Power Series.  Guiding the reader through a series of thought exercises requiring an investment of only five to seven minutes per day, PPOPF is the handbook for those seeking to break free from perceived failures and unleash a success-oriented mindset.

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Your Success. Your Terms. - A showcase of stories of resilience and success, often on the heels of significant failure. If you seek real world examples of success the way it really happens, check out these postings.

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